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Does anyone have any fond memories of GamePark? Think really hard about it and you'll probably come up with the answer. Not really. Of course ViCiouS was formed during the GamePark era, making it probably the only productive thing that client did for AoC. Anyway, it appears as if the constant Mini Cb and Excalibur games played by Gamepark's 100 or so regular users have finally overloaded the system. The client has officially stopped hosting AoC and the players have moved to Voobly. I guess this means greater activity for the game. But before we get too excited lets have a moment of silence for the client that carried us after the zone died.......Fuck it. Ah well.
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The ViCiouS Juniors was started by EyeZz almost a month ago as a sub-clan designed to train and introduce more players into the bloods community. After only one month VcS has 10 members all willing to learn some new maps. It would be much appreciated if all ViCiouS members could take a little time to help these players learn some new maps or maybe improve in ones they already know. Good Luck VcS!
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