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In Honor of Those Who Have Contributed So Much Towards [ViCiouS]



This amazing clan of loyal, skilled players would not be here today, without this founder of The Great ViCiouS Clan. He is, in many peoples eyes in the clan, the most respected member, has never gave up on the clan or its members, always willing to give people a chance, even a second chance in some cases, adding new ideas to improve players and the clan as a whole. Amazing 1v1 skills and comeback ability, and his teamwork speaks for it self if you have played with him. He moved from playing custom scenarios all the time, to join the random map and europe community, where he made him self known there throughout the players. Keeps his cool with the leadership of the clan, is quick to make decisions for the clan, always protects the name of ViCiouS and takes no shit off anyone. 

The Founder Of ViCiouS, A Legend Of ViCiouS.


Decided to make the clan ViCiouS with me after he found out my smurfing identity, and has been apart of it ever since. Great guy, unbelievable skills and unfathomable how he can learn stuff so quick. Was not the most active player in the clan, but when the time called, for a war or just to keep active, he would always show up and start owning again, even in graves, his best map by far. He will always be remembered as a legend of the clan and I am grateful he made the clan with me and stuck it out with me. 

The Founder of ViCiouS, A Legend of ViCiouS.


Joined the clan a day after I made it with Blunt. Had been loyal from the very start, even when people he did not get along with joined and left. My greatest ever 2 v 2 partner, and favourite guy to 1 v 1. Was extremely good in most maps 1 v 1, and still tried in those he wasn't great at. Always active when he can, a great team leader and always confident of a win. Awesome attitude to the game and the clan, and would not take crap from anyone, would always stand up to a challenge, and often beat it. 

A Legend of ViCiouS.


This is long deserved, but he has been such an important part to the clan. A leader, an awesome player and a nice guy, doesn't take the game too seriously but still kicks ass. One of the best all-rounders I've seen for the current era, and without him ViCiouS may not still be alive. Loyal and dedicated. Definitely deserves the title of: 

A Legend of ViCiouS.


Joined from near the begining, and has been a very valuable member in terms of experience and skills. Unbelievable 1 v 1 skills as well as awesome teamwork skills, and never gives up, no matter the situation. Great attitude to the clan, and doesn't take shit from anybody. Loyal to the clan and willing to spread the clan into other games, showing his commitment to ViCiouS. He is always full of ideas and contributing in ways to make the clan better. He is one of the most well liked players in the clan, and deserves to be a legend of the clan. 

A Legend of ViCiouS.


Another guy who has kept the clan alive to date. One of the nicest guys you'll meet in AoC and AOK, as well as one of the funniest. Awesome at Europe/Wm style maps, as well as AOK scens such as Herofest. Quick learner in bloods in AoC, as well as a smart thinker. A great leader, great team mate and a great guy. Because of people like him I have stuck with ViCiouS, and have been proud to be a part of a clan like this. 

A Legend of ViCiouS.


Joined the clan from the start, had a few issues but stuck with the clan, through determination and loyalty. Awesome skills and attitude, works hard to improve and respects everyone until they disrespect him. Is a great leader and a good team player as well as individual. Is always willing to help others improve as well as take some advice, and definitely deserves to be a legend, both in the game and in the clan. 

A Legend of ViCiouS.


Joined the clan when TIF was all but dead, and has always been a supportive and important and a really funny player in the clan. His skills were up with the best in his maps, and then started playing MCB and did fairly well in it. Great leader and a class act, has stuck with the clan through inactivity and activity.

A Legend of ViCiouS


When he first joined the clan, he showed a lot 
of potential. bLuNt stuck it out with him and he bloomed into one of 
the best players I have played with. Dominates Kimgs Move and is really 
good in all other bloods, especially Khans and Gwars. Was given a 
leadership role in [ViCiouS] and made it entertaining. One of the 
coolest Mexicans around, and has well deserved a place in the [ViCiouS] 
hall of fame. 

A Legend of ViCiouS


Joined the clan when [ViCiouS] was in a point of 
rebuilding it's dominant image. He has contributed a lot in team games, 
being a both a supportive and a solid player. Represented the clan 
proudly in his first war vs LC, and helped bring us an emphatic 
victory. A truly awesome player in Europe, and can hold his own in all 
bloods, especially Germs, Gwars and Graves. 

A Legend of ViCiouS


Joined the clan when we first made it, and is 
known well in the Europe map world. Jason is one of the least known 
players in the clan due to his non-CS background, as well as his 
shyness around forums, but has contributed towards the [ViCiouS] image. 
Is a really good player in Europe and Rm, and is a really supportive 
team player. Has been in the clan from it's existence, and truly 
belongs in our hall of fame. 

A Legend of ViCiouS


A current leader of the clan, he has proven 
himself one of our best in skills and leadership through geenral team 
games and war games. One of the best in Gwars, Graves and Khans, he's 
also a dominant force in most other maps. A most valuable edition to 
the clan. 

A Legend of ViCiouS


Served us well in war games and has represented 
the clan numerous times in team games and important one on ones. 
Incredible player in Khans and Graves, and one of the best all-rounders 
ever. Was an important player in our most recent war with LC, bringing 
home the gold. 

A Legend of ViCiouS


A legend of the Zone, and has brought experience 
to the clan in important areas. A true rapist in Germs, and has led the 
clan well in times of need, training up players to a strong level.


Psi is probably one of the most entertaining players ever. His easy going nature, drug use,
and exceptional bloods ability have made him an integral part of the blood community. 
Hopefully one day Psi will be able to balance his amazing games with his bad days. 
When that happens we should all start to worry. 

A Legend of ViCiouS


Matt is a great all-round player and has improved out of sight to reclaim 
the skills he once had on Zone. He plays as is required and thinks about his 
team mates before himself. 

A Legend of ViCiouS


Alex has always been an important part of ViCiouS. 
He is incredibly skilled at 
all bloods, being one of the all time bests in Spider and Germs. 
Since joining 
ViCiouS he has matured into one of the premier players in AoC history. 

A Legend of ViCiouS
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