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A ViCiouS History

The clan of ViCiouS was started on the 12th of October by two Custom Scenario players known as bLuNt (Jake) and EyeZz (Ben). bLuNt had been in many previous clans such as sN, mVz and MK and had a good idea on how to run a clan well through being led by great leaders and being a leader himself. EyeZz had only been a member in most of his clans such as s1L3nT, PQWeR and other various clans, and becoming a leader was a learning experience. As soon as ViCiouS was created, many new and loyal members like Crescent, Convict, Warlock, Sipher, Tragic and Brood, as well as other players, from both the Europe and Bloods community. The clan soon became a force to be reckoned with. Through the death of the [...] clan, which was created by Mazon, a variety of members came to ViCiouS and played in the GamePark community.

When ViCiouS was first created, the aim was just to make a competitive clan to play in CS and challenge rival clans such as xl, LC and s1L3nT. With Brood joining, he was able to recruit many top Europers such as Uni, Logik, Snowz, Valar and Colin. Thus, many ViCiouS members became interested in Europe and we were the dominant force in Europe.

Soon enough, wars became a prospect for the clan. Of the few clans to choose from, LC was our main target, due to their war record and recent activity of both oldschool and newschool members. After weeks of discussion and organisation, a war between the legendary clan of LC and the relatively young clan of ViCiouS began.

It was to be the last great war CS has seen, the end of an era. The format was a best of 7 maps with Smosh to be the decider. ViCiouS chose Gwars, Europe and Kings Move. LC chose Spider, Archers hellfire and Germs. ViCiouS were highly competitive in all of the maps, even with most of our best Germs players missing. Each clan won their respective maps and Smosh was the decider. Through somewhat controversial circumstances, LC had a smurf in their decider. So it was decided the map was to be replayed. In the end, ViCiouS dominated the decider and won the war 4-3. It was to only be LC’s second loss ever, the only other clan to do the same was sN.

After the war, the clan then went through a period of inactiveness where many members left because they thought such a good thing had come to an end. They were wrong and the members came flooding back, thanks mainly to Crescent and Brood. We were back to our best and full of active members. There was a lot of talk of a war between xl and ViCiouS, with both clans beating a top clan (xl had beaten sN in a war) in wars. There was much debate on which were the better clans, and unfortunately a war was never played. It’s still felt by most of the Bloods community that ViCiouS had a majority of better members and were the better clan.

The clan then moved onto IGZ from GP in the hope of bringing a bit more life to Custom Scenario's in AoC. Unfortunately, this had never happened, and many great ViCiouS members quit AoC altogether and moved on.

Our most loyal core over the two years has consisted/consists of EyeZz, bLuNt, TraGiC, Santi, Crescent, Warlock, Sipher, Hydra, Marauder, Hooligan and Conv1ct. Players like Snowz, Hoodlum, Ducky and Ize fill in our core now.

ViCiouS today is still large, active and full of skilled players alike. We are always up to a challenge, and mainly play for fun nowadays. We’re also looking into training some newschool players to build up the profile of bloods, so give us a shout and we’ll happily train you if you are respectful and deserve so. We don’t discriminate.

ViCiouS then defeated LC in another war (an emphatic 4-1 win) to cement their spot in hi
story and at the top of CS bloods.


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