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Interview with the American Falcon! Ducky!

Ben says: HERE GOES
Ben says: Name!

tom says: My name is Thomas C. Krist
Ben says: Year of birth?
tom says: 1990
Ben says: Country?
tom says: USA
Ben says: Favourite map?
tom says: GRAVE BLOOD
Ben says: Favourite civ?
tom says: MONGOLS
Ben says: Could of gusssed! So fill us in on your home life.
tom says: I live with my brother and mom. I'm going to school soon for something, not sure yet.
tom says: I spend most of my time doing nothing important.
tom says: I has a woman, named Natasha.
tom says: I like fucking her.
Ben says: Don't we all! I mean with other girls!!! Is she a high school sweet heart?
tom says: I guess so.
tom says: Been together since high school. Almost 3 years now.
Ben says: Congrats. So what got you into AoC?
tom says: I liked the setting with knights and swords and shit.
tom says: I played this game called Knights and Merchants
tom says: but the military was so awkward to control
tom says: and you couldn't move the villagers
tom says: so I set out to find a better game
tom says: and I played aok
Ben says: So you're not a FPS man then?
tom says: actually, aoc is the only rts I play.
tom says: I play a lot more fps and rpg games.
Ben says: Give us some examples.
tom says: tf2, counter strike source, half life
tom says: for fps
tom says: mostly valve stuff
tom says: rpgs = elder scrolls series, bioware stuff
Ben says: Ah, i'm a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls. What do you think was better, Morrowind or Oblivion?
tom says: morrowind
Ben says: Any reason?
tom says: more freedom, more skills, more weapons
tom says: in oblivion, they took out a lot of things, and made it console friendly
Ben says: Yeah, I have to agree with you there. What do you like to do in your spare time when you're not playing games?
tom says: do stuff with my friends, girlfriend and family
tom says: I read a fair bit too
tom says: getting me a gym membership this week so that too
Ben says: Ah awesome, can't beat the gym! You listen to much music?
tom says: heard of last.fm?
tom says: http://www.last.fm/user/imacoolkid
Ben says: yeah
tom says: that's my account
tom says: reset it a couple weeks ago
tom says: still downloading music
tom says: so it'll even out in a bit
Ben says: Fair enough. What's your first memory of AoC?
tom says: my brother telling me there's an expansion coming out for aok and then buying it
tom says: then playing the campaigns
tom says: they weren't as good as aok's
Ben says: I agree. What made you try it online?
tom says: the computer sucked
Ben says: lol good answer. Previous important clans you've been involved in, and what would have been your favoruite?
tom says: people say I've been in some clans like mvz and such, but I don't remember it
tom says: I remember xD, LeGenD, BuLL3T (among 100 other clans drew and sean and I made), GoE, and ViCiouS
tom says: GoE was probably my favorite because it was just 4 people and we were pretty much the best at the time, rocked LC with just those 4 guys and it was a lot of fun
tom says: when I got the remnants of that to join vicious
tom says: I still cared about aoc, but it's been slowly going away
tom says: the competitiveness is gone, I'd say
Ben says: Yeah, you guys had formiddable teamwork, reminded me a lot of the xl from zone. What map/s could you play relgiiously, day in, day out?
tom says: grave, woa, chaos, lustful encounters
Ben says: As some of us know, you're a genius in map-making. What got you into that coruse of AoC, and what's your favourite scenario production?
tom says: started editing maps to fix bugs, found aokh's forum and saw some of what's possible
tom says: always liked coming up with new ideas for stuff
tom says: so I played with it
tom says: my favorite map I made is probably feudal wars
tom says: intense micro and some quirky features that aren't in any other map
Ben says: I see, You have also played some Europe/Rm. Have you enjoyed it, what made you do it?
tom says: bloods got boring/there weren't any being hosted
tom says: normal speed rm sucks.
tom says: euro is fun and we killed denn today
tom says: come to think of it
tom says: I didn't lose any euro games today
tom says: huzzah
Ben says: haha very nice. Have you had a player influence your gaming style?
tom says: dunno.
tom says: I used to play a lot with drew
tom says: so if anyone, him
tom says: but not really
tom says: I'd read a guide and then just learn on my own
tom says: I can blame vicious for getting me into europe
Ben says: Haha. Any special games you remember, or any special players you looked up to?
tom says: don't think so
tom says: games are a dime a dozen
Ben says: We know you're a beast in Gwars. Who would you describe as your toughest opponent?
tom says: ahmad but i'm better
Ben says: hahaha cute rivalry. 2 more questions, which I will ask everybody! Over the many years of playing, who are the people you consider good friends?
tom says: i really don't know
tom says: i have many lovers
Ben says: not people who love you 11
tom says: but i love them too.
tom says: my answer is mich.
Ben says: ok 11
tom says: i hope she sees this.
tom says: i want her to marry me.
tom says: or kat.
tom says: kat's cuter.
Ben says: good answer, they don't always have to be serious, ok last question
Ben says: What would you say AoC has provided to you over the years?

tom says: fun, e-friends, late nights, procrastinated homework
Ben says: alright! thanks for doing the interview, i know I suck at them =]. Have you got a picture to share with the readers to give them an idea of what you look like?
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