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Mar Says: Name:


Psi Says: Johnny. [not disclosing full name]


Mar Says: lol ok. Birth day and Year?


Psi Says: April 1 1988, April fools day


Mar Says: Wow it shows. Country?


Psi Says: USA


Mar Says: Favorite Map?


Psi Says: Tough one.  I’d have to say... king moves


Mar Says: Favorite civ?


Psi Says: Japs


Mar Says: Epic. Been looking forward to this one. Tell us about your life.


Psi Says: I live in Wilmington, NC. I lived in long island, New York originally, though I had to leave the island because prices for homes shot up after the towers got attacked. I enjoy doing drugs. I guess I’m an addict. I smoke massive amounts of marijuana, LOVE tripping on hallucinogens, and alcohol occasionally. I live with my girlfriend, she is 30 years old and does anything daddy tells her to. Her name is Jennifer and she is the only reason I have a laptop to play AoC on.


Mar Says: I understand you have done some experiments mixing drugs and AoC, why don't you tell us about that.


Psi Says: Haha k. Well, where do I start? Ok. First off, I am at my best when I am on the reefer. I don't know why, I guess it’s just a mental thing. However, my favourite drug/aoc experience is when I logged on while tripping on acid. Fortunately you were on, and showed me some incredibly funny shit.


Mar Says: Rofl. Biz's beat of the day. Anyway, what made you first start playing AoC?


Psi Says: I used to play with my cousin through LAN at my local library. My interest grew from there, and I eventually ended up purchasing it. The competition and variety of ways to go about your strategies is what intrigued me the most. Also, female villagers have very nice buttocks.


Mar Says: Female villies are good looking. Give us a flashback of your clan history.


Psi Says: Well, I didn't really get involved in CS or clans until I started playing on IGZ. The very first clan I was a part of was (sad to admit) LeGenD, (the Mexican legend) we used to have rivalry games with vicious all the time, and that is what got me into competitive blood gaming. After about a year in legend I left the clan because I was tired of being the only white guy in it. When I started considering what clan I was going to join, vicious immediately caught my attention. I approached Ben, and he saw past my noobiness and took a chance. Been with ViCiouS ever since, and don’t plan on ever leaving.


Mar Says: if you had to explain your 'AoC style' in any way how would you describe it?


Psi Says: Up and down. one day I can be in peak form, spawning experts in germs, owning in km, and speeding to the mid in smosh. The next day I'll get spawned in germs, get owned in km, and misclick in smosh. However, I'd define my actual "style" as aggressive, I can’t stand camping. Anything that breaks the pace of the game makes my penis flaccid.


Mar Says: Wonderful image. is there any player that you idolize/ was your biggest influence?


Psi Says: Well, during the beginning of my blood career, though it’s sad to say, I looked up to virus. I guess its because I was an incredible noob, and I thought he was god at smosh. As of current id have to say Ben is one of my biggest influences, he hasn’t given up on me and is a great leader of the best clan. He has taught me a great deal about bloods. He’s also a cutie. No homo.


Mar Says: You Would. What players do you hate the most?


Psi Says: Hahaha, nice question. I don’t HATE anyone per se...But I can tell the type of players I hate, or dislike. I cannot stand the players that play one map all day, get a 2k rate, and call themselves pros. I dislike people who exploit map weaknesses like camping in germs, putting khan where it is un-hittable in vets etc... I dislike anyone who is more concerned about rate than having fun.


Mar Says: I’m sure they don’t like you either. Who were your best AoC buddies?


Psi Says: Well, you of course![Marauder] you are a very funny dude and we've had some fun games together. Even when games aren’t going our way, we still find something to type "11" at. Ben is another great e-friend. Always there to help me improve my game, and is another funny guy. Without him I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.


Psi Says: One more...

Mar Says: One more what?

Psi Says: Person I admire.

Mar Says:  Tell daddy who it is.

Psi Says: 1111 Narc. He is a very nice person. And is always there for a chat, I’m serious, didn’t expect that did you? He’s the type of dude to talk about your life problems with. Other good friends: Santi, Cory, and Andreas.


Mar Says: What do you feel you have gained from AoC?


Psi Says: I have gained friends from other countries, some skills, and a couple pounds.



Mar Says: Well said. Any words of wisdom?


Psi Says: Smoke weed, trip balls, blast music, and live every day as if it is your last, because it just may be.


(Psi Says: I banged the girl on the right and the one in the middle..We were all wasted and they looked a lot better then.)

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